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CBC Seminar


Centro Brasil no Clima presented at a seminar, in august, the results of two projects in partnership with ICAT (Initiative for Climate Action Transparency) and SPIPA (Strategic Partnerships for the Implementation of the Paris Agreement). Both also have the participation of Coppe/UFRJ. 

The study for ICAT has the objective of helping Brazil accomplish the Paris Agreement goals. The results show our country has three major emitter groups: deforestation, livestock, and burning of petroleum and natural gas derivatives. Also, it presents dozens of actions that need to be done to a low carbon Brazil.  Comptroller General's Office, Senate, and federal government are going to receive it.


For SPIPA, the study was a review of literature based on the ICAT-CBC project to find the potential for emissions reduction in different sectors of Brazil's economy. It was presented what could be done at forest, industry, transport, and livestock, and some parameters were available for public consultation so that people could make suggestions. 

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