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Support to FBMC


The Executive Director of the Brazil Climate Center (CBC), Alfredo Sirkis, was appointed on October 28th 2016, as the Executive Coordinator of the Brazilian Forum on Climate Change (FBMC), a forum for both civil society and the public sector. FBMC was created in the year 2000 to promote debates on the challenges posed by climate change and also to provide strategic guidance for the climate agenda. One of the main achievements during Sirkis tenure was the creation of Thematic Chambers, which contributed to the definition of the organization priorities, raised negotiations ambitions and also contributed to a flow of actions relevant for the implementation of the Paris Agreement as well as the Brazilian NDC.
During his term at the FBMC, important meetings and seminars were held in which key issues were discussed to enable the country’s compliance with international commitments, including recommendations for mitigation and adaptation; public policies for the short, medium and long terms; decarbonization and green finance, including carbon pricing and decarbonizing criteria in taxation; and the remarkable event “Subnational Climate Forum 2019”, focusing on creating momentum and building a subnational strategy to keep advancing the climate agenda in Brazil.

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